G.C.S Difference

Excellence in Education

At Glory Christian School, teaching is differentiated so that all students can achieve to their own potential. GCS is to provide an excellent academic curriculum and a variety of extra-curricular activities that are responsive to the development and learning need of students. the school seeks all students to be engaged actively in the quest for understanding and knowledge and to become a passionate learner 

Excellence in Education


Glory Christian School is a place shere the students grow intellectually and seek shanges rigorously to fulfill the purpose of God in each individual. The school expect the students to be committed to honesty, Charity and the pursuit of wisdon and knowledge. 

Serve Others


Glory Christin School encourages students to become contributing and responsible citizen in their communities and to serve others. The students are offered the opportunities to engage in community service opportunities to work to impact positive change, and to serve the world throught service-based programs. 



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